Norsola Johnson / Nick Kuepfer / Jason Blackbird Selman

solo performances at L’Envers presented by the Howl! arts collective

Saturday February 25, 2011
doors 21h | $8
L’Envers, 185 Van Horne
(just east of Parc Ave, bus #80)
Montreal, Quebec

Howl! arts collective presents an evening (facebook event) of beautiful solo performances at L’Envers to warm your heart on a winter evening, please spread the word & invite your friends !

Norsola Johnson solo cello

Norsola is a composer, cello player, metalsmith and vandal, best known for her work with the Ratchet Orchestra, Amon Tobin, Sixtoo, Molasses, Winter Family, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and many others. She currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Nick Kuepfer solo guitar

Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player weaving nylon string and electric guitar pieces together with live sampled tape loops and drones from various audio sources, ranging from static repetition and subtle sounds, to frantic and abrasive with a tendency for experimentation. Kuepfer has lived in Montreal since 2003 and has performed solo only a for short time, occasionally with invited guests, including Eric Craven (Hangedup), Kristina Koropecki (Mark Berube), John Corban, and Nick Scribner (Clues) pre-ceded by playing in full bands, including Lungbutter, Aidswolf, L’embuscade and presently plays with Hrsta and No Nature.

In November of 2010 Kuepfer released a full-length solo record in the first edition of Montreal record label Constellation records Musique Fragile series along side Toronto’s Khora and Montreal’s Les Momies de Palerme. Presently he is writing and recording a second full-length solo record.

Jason “Blackbird” Selman solo trumpet

Jason “Blackbird” Selman has served the Montreal arts scene for more than a decade as both poet and trumpet player. He has self published several chapbooks over the years culminating in his first published work The Freedom I Stole (2008, Cumulus Press). He has also served as co-editor for the poetry anthology Talking Book which chronicles the writings of the one of a kind musical ensemble Kalm Unity Vibe Collective (of which he is a founding member). Jason is also a part of the dynamic live Hip Hop group Nomadic Massive. He is the creator and producer of the Intimate Sky performance series which features select members of both Kalm Unity and Nomadic Massive in enlightening and intimate small group configurations.

Howl! arts collective aims to build bridges between struggles for social justice and the arts. Howl! aims to highlight artists rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community via cultural events while organizing projects and creating spaces that express a culture of resistance to capitalism and injustice at home and abroad.

Howl! arts collective
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