Jason 'Blackbird' Selman

Listen to Jason “Blackbird” Selman performing Sedgwick Ave, about legendary American poet Bob Kaufman, at a community concert at L’Envers space in Montreal in February 2012. In this recording you will heard Selman playing a few beautiful trumpet lines and then moving into a reading of Selman’s poem Sedgwick Ave.

Jason “Blackbird” Selman has served the Montreal arts scene for more than a decade as both poet and trumpet player. He has self published several chapbooks over the years culminating in his first published work The Freedom I Stole (2008, Cumulus Press). He has also served as co-editor for the poetry anthology Talking Book which chronicles the writings of the one of a kind musical ensemble Kalm Unity Vibe Collective (of which he is a founding member). Jason is also a part of the dynamic live Hip Hop group Nomadic Massive. He is the creator and producer of the Intimate Sky performance series which features select members of both Kalm Unity and Nomadic Massive in enlightening and intimate small group configurations.

Sedgwick Ave reading by Jason ‘Blackbird’ Selman at L’Envers was recorded by Nick Schofield photo by Brian Kinzie.

2 years ago