Beautiful video from carré rouge sonore concert on 26/07, supporting Je donne à nous a financial solidarity project for ongoing Quebec student strike against Quebec Liberal government moves to hike university tuition fees.

Howl! collective organized carré rouge sonore in solidarity with the inspiring student uprising, this beautiful video by Heri Rakotomalala features The Mile End Orchestrole!, an ensemble of musicians who weekly protests against Law 78 as part of the Mile End popular assembly organizing process.

A performance by Brahja Waldman & Friends of Freedom exploring the boundaries of contemporary Jazz, the soulful sounds of Kalmunity Jazz Project. Also a performance by Emrical from Montreal North delivering powerful poetics and community-powered hip-hop tracks by The OC (One & Chele). In this video also you can listen to the revolutionary l’Ensemble Acalanto playing music from the Nueva canción tradition of Latin America.

Brahja Waldman & Friends of Freedom

photo Thien V. feat. Brahja Waldman & Friends of Freedom

for updates / information on the Quebec student strike visit Bloquons la hausse

2 years ago