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creole continuum - Kaie Kellough

creole continuum

creole continuum is a suite of exploratory recordings that resonate outside of musical genres and official languages. creole continuum visits the space between cultures, and it sounds the staggered rhythm of migration - migration of speech, spirits, music, and people. it draws on improvisation, rhythmic insistence, noise, and a reordering of the letters of the alphabet. 

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родина - Sam Shalabi + Stefan Christoff


родина (rodina), a second release from the St. Laurent Piano Project, recorded on a winter morning at Sala Rossa concert hall in Montréal.

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Brahja Waldman’s Quartert

Brahja Waldman Quartet album cover

Brahja Waldman’s Quartet is a Montreal/New York-based jazz conspiracy dedicated to the transmutation of swing and timeless soul.

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Temps Libre

Temps libre

"Temps Libre" is the first release from the St. Laurent Piano Project, a recording series initiated by musician Stefan Christoff.

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Duets for Abdelrazik

Duets for Abdelrazik

Duets for Abdelrazik is a cultural project aiming to express musical solidarity with the struggle of Abousfian Abdelrazik.

Reflections & Reviews on Duets for Abdelrazik

Initiated by community activist and musician Stefan Christoff, Duets for Abdelrazik was recorded over two winters at Hotel2Tango studios in Montreal’s Mile End and features Matana Roberts on saxophone, Norman Nawrocki on violin, Peter Burton on contrabass, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh on buzuq, Rebecca Foon on cello and Sam Shalabi on oud.

Duets for Abdelrazik explores the relationship between musical improvisation and grassroots political campaigning, an album of beautiful sounds that calls on the listener to reflect on the spirituality of struggle. Its difficult to describe in words the horror of state-driven torture, but also the sustained determination of Abdelrazik’s struggle for justice against incredible odds. This album attempts to pay hommage to Abdelrazik’s struggle via music building on a long tradition of Montreal artists being involved in grassroots activism.

Released in June 2012 at the Suoni per il Popolo to a sold out crowd at Casa del Popolo in Montreal, Duets for Abdelrazik is a limited edition beautiful handcrafted album, designed by Nazik D., silkscreen printed by Jesse Purcell of Just Seeds Artists’ Cooperative  and assembled by members of the Howl! collective.

Listen/download a Duet for Abdelrazik featuring Stefan Christoff on piano and Sam Shalabi on oud.

Listen/download a Duet for Abdelrazik featuring Stefan Christoff on piano and Matana Roberts on sax.

Duets for Abdelrazik is available at the following local record shops in Montreal

Atom Heart
364-B Rue Sherbrooke Est
Tél: 514-843-8484

Cheap Thrills
2044 Metcalfe St. 2e étage
Tél : 514-844-8988

4333 rue Rivard
Tél: 514-499-1323

207 Bernard Ouest
Tél: 514-270-4442

Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore
2150 Bishop Street
Montreal (Quebec)

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